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For a winning chapter brand, effectively sharing your story is a must.
Build your chapter brand with authentic photography from Lumatic.

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Lumatic doubled the effect of our Recruitment marketing

Maria – Pi Beta Phi

Save money on Composites

Style your composite however you want.
Members get COVID-safe Headshots.
Your chapter gets a framed wall composite.
Your members get personal mini composites.

Create custom Recruitment Videos

Pick what you want… Let Lumatic do the rest.
– Showcase authentic photos and videos.
– Customize colors and styling.
– Review and revise until it’s perfect.

Capture amazing Event Photography

Capture member photos and get pro photographers for… Bid Day, Formal, Philanthropies, Parents Weekend, Member Events, Pledge Class Portraits, and more!

All on one Powerful App

Build your photo plan, get headshots and authentic event photography, all online. Every photo is instantly edited and delivered straight to your members, with free downloads and lifetime storage.

How it works

STEP 1 – Build your photo plan

STEP 2 – Get a 30 day trial of Lumatic, risk free

STEP 3 – Capture and share your story with the world

Lumatic is your preferred photographer

The result: A winning chapter brand

Authentic photos of your chapter. Accessible by your members. Ready to share with the world.

Lumatic Composites fit your tradition

COVID-safe headshots

You pick your shoot dates — we’ll send PopCam so your members can get pro headshots on their schedule. Everyone gets unlimited retakes, instant editing, and free downloads — all without a strange photographer in your house.

Custom composite styling

You pick the colors and layout; we’ll do the work.
Get an archival wall composite AND mini-composites for all your members. Top quality and delivered quickly — guaranteed.

Have a composite contract?

No problem, most chapters do. If you have an existing composite contract, you should still start using Lumatic — we’ll give you a discount so you don’t have to pay twice.

Lumatic Recruitment Videos win new members

Pick your theme

Choose from dozens of fresh themes to help you go from idea to draft in moments. Theme set the pace of your video and allow you to customize colors and content to create a unique result.

Pick your content

Adding your chapter’s authentic imagery brings your video to life. Lumatic weaves your chosen photos, video, and text into your theme to create a perfect video — with revisions until you love it.

Ready to share

Once you approve your video, you’ll get a full version, plus ready-to-post versions that are optimized for social media. Then, share your video and watch the results come pouring in!

Lumatic Event Photography captures it all

Collect member photos

Get photos from your members and event attendees with crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing lets members upload photos any time during or after an event, so no memories are lost.

Hire a pro photographer

Expect great photos of everyone when you book a Lumatic pro photographer. You’ll get party photos at formal, polished photos at mom’s day, and everything in between.

Capture every event

Capture your whole story — from Bid Day, Formal, and Philanthropies, to Parents Weekend, Member Events, and Pledge Class Portraits, and more!

Lumatic App does it all

One Place to Capture

Get a pro photographer and crowdsource member’s photos at the tap of a button.
Every photo is instantly edited and delivered directly to your members, with lifetime access.

One Place to Create

Turn your headshots and event photos into composites, videos, prints, and books. You get complete creative control, without any of the work.

One Place to Share

Easily find and share your photos, with private access for all your members. Powerful photo search and free downloads empower everyone to share your winning chapter brand.

Signing Bonus – Get it now

Get Free Crowdsourcing for all your events this semester,
Upload all your existing photos to Lumatic for free when you sign up.

Priced to fit your budget

Get your composite, recruitment videos, and event photography
in one plan, with the flexibility to rearrange shoots or cancel any time.

Have an existing composite contract? No problem.
We’ll discount Lumatic so you don’t have to pay twice.