Taking a conference headshot?

chapters use Lumatic

Make composites easy

✔️ Pro Headshots

✔️ Custom styles

✔️ Hassle free

Show off your events

✔️ Member Crowdsourcing

✔️ Pro Photographers

✔️ Photo booths

Win at recruitment

✔️ Unlimited sharing

✔️ Winning brand

✔️ Lifetime access


Here’s how

Event Photos – FREE

✔️ Unlimited free crowdsourcing

✔️ Instantly shared with your members

✔️ Add photographers and photo booths

Composites – $500+

✔️ Headshots for every member

✔️ Large Wall Composite

✔️ Mini-composites for every member

*“First year free” is a 100% first-year discount on your subscription.

Starting your second year, your subscription​ will resume at full price and will include all services.
If you cancel your subscription in the first year, you must repay the first-year discount.
See Lumatic terms for details.