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Capture Virtual Headshots

Virtual headshots let every student easily get great headshots, using a phone. Every headshot is edited for a perfect crop, smooth skin, and bright eyes — and instantly ready to download and share.

Capture In-Person Headshots

PopCam is a headshot kiosk that lives on your campus to help students get professional headshots, without you doing a thing. PopCam captures perfectly lit, well edited headshots for students and staff, any time.

Leverage Sponsor Branding

Apply a custom backdrop to everyone’s headshot and add graphics to touchpoints throughout the headshot experience. Unlock sponsorships, school pride, and student style.

All on one Powerful App

Book your shoots and access student headshots, all in one place. You, your students, and your team get lifetime access to download and share the headshots. Plus, sync with your university’s account for unlimited access.

How it works

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STEP 3 – Watch career readiness skyrocket

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Lumatic Virtual Headshots are easy

Start in seconds

Book a shoot, and share your headshot link with anyone… it’s that easy. They’ll get a virtual headshot in moments, with lighting and posing tips along the way.

Empower Remote Students

Invite your remote, and study-abroad students to get headshots, anywhere in the world.
Or, improve your placement rates by gifting virtual headshots to your recent graduates.

Instant, Pro results

Every headshot is edited, for a perfect crop, smooth skin, and bright eyes, and instantly ready to download and share. Virtual headshot quality depends on the phone that’s used, but editing helps makes every headshot great.

Lumatic PopCam Headshots look amazing

Book PopCam year round

PopCam is the in-person headshot kiosk that boosts students’ professional image, without you doing a thing. Put PopCam anywhere on campus for weeks or months at a time, to capture hundreds of headshots daily.

100% consistant results

PopCam captures perfectly lit headshots every time. Thanks to PopCam’s intuitive design, students can effortlessly get pro headshots, with unlimited retakes, any time.

Instant, Pro results

Every headshot is edited, for a perfect crop, smooth skin, and bright eyes, and instantly ready to download and share. The quality of PopCam headshots is always great, and editing makes them even better.

Lumatic Sponsor Branding ignites potential

Unlock sponsorships

Sponsored headshots pay for themselves.
Add sponsor logos to headshot backgrounds and throughout the headshot experience to create your most high-impact sponsor opportunity.

Build university brand

Build school pride with custom headshot backdrops and touchpoints that feature your colors and logos. Great for career fairs and in partnership with your alumni association.

Elevate student style

After they see your branded headshot backdrop, students can swap backdrops to try a fresh look. They’ll be able to try backdrops that suite their style and job applications, even after the shoot.

Lumatic App does it all

Book your shoot

Select your headshot style, then invite your students to get their headshot with ease.

Access every headshot

You’ll have instant access to download and share every student headshot to Handshake, LinkedIn, and more.

Link to your University

Give headshot access to your marketing department, alumni association, and more by syncing your Lumatic account to your Universities master account. 

Let a sponsor cover the cost

Get an alumni or corporate sponsor for your headshots. We’ll help set it up.

Priced to fit your budget

Get unlimited student, staff, and faculty headshots
in one plan, with the flexibility to rearrange shoots or cancel any time.

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