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Profit from Event Photography

Increase your event revenue. Sell Photo Booths, Photographers, and Crowdsourcing to your event clients. You make a profit, Lumatic does the rest. Plus, get access to client photos to use for your event marketing.

Build a rich Member Directory

Help members connect with each other. Get great imagery of club events and build personalized member profiles. Give members unlimited photo access and amazing yearbooks of their club experience.

Capture Marketing Imagery

Recruit new members and showcase your brand — Unlock the potential of your photo archive, and capture amazing imagery of your facilities and programming. Create compelling marketing content and promotional videos with ease.

All on one Powerful App

Capture authentic event photography, personalize member experiences, and strengthen club marketing—all online. Every photo is instantly edited and delivered straight to your members, with free downloads and lifetime photo access.

How it works

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The result: A winning club brand

Authentic photos of your club. Accessible by your members. Ready to share with the world.

Lumatic Event Photography increases your revenue

Sell photography services

Add photo services to your event offerings

  • Photo Booths
  • Pro Photographers
  • Crowdsourcing to gather guest photos

Make an easy profit

Buy at wholesale, sell at retail — Clients get photo services at fair pricing, you make a profit, and Lumatic handles the rest. All with tools that fit your workflow.

Get great marketing photos

Your team gets access to great photos from all your events. Easily find authentic imagery to make your event marketing easier and more effective.

Lumatic Member Directory helps members connect

Capture event photography

From planned events to everyday fun, crowdsource all the photos that members take. And, for amazing results, book photographers at the tap of a button. Every photo is edited and delivered instantly.

Enhance member profiles

Member photos are automatically tagged, searchable, and shared with everyone. Plus, every member gets a headshot for their profile and your club directory. 

Keep members connected

New and seasoned members alike will love being in tune with who’s who and what’s going on at the club. Keep everyone’s photos online, or bring them to life with personalized yearbooks for every member.

Lumatic Marketing Imagery strengthens your brand

Unlock your photo archive

Migrate all your existing photos to Lumatic and never loose a moment again. Every photo is edited and searchable, with powerful tools to help you showcase your brand.

Capture Promotional Photos

Easily book Pro Photographers to capture facility photos, staged marketing shoots, product photography, and more. On-brand editing and instant photo delivery come standard.

Create Promotional Videos

Create engaging videos that tell your story. Tailor fit them to your club brand, colors, and imagery. Need a video shoot, Lumatic makes capturing promotional footage easy.

Lumatic App does it all


Get a pro photographer and crowdsource member photos at the tap of a button. Every photo is instantly edited and delivered directly to your members, with lifetime access.


Turn your photos into videos, yearbooks, and member composites. You get complete creative control, without any of the work.


Easily find and share your photos, with private access for all your members. Powerful photo search and free downloads empower everyone to share your winning club brand.

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