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You’ll get pro headshots from PopCam, the automated headshot camera that’s shipped to you.

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Customize your design to fit your style — all online. Your headshots will automatically flow into your artwork so you can review and update it along the way.

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Once you approve it, your composite will ship within a few weeks. Plus, all your members will get free headshot downloads and a digital version of your composite.

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Lumatic is the preferred photo platform for many of the world’s largest Fraternities & Sororities. Chapters have saved thousands by switching to Lumatic.


Using PopCam for headshots was way easier than a photographer, and the composite looks great!

Alicia M.


Our old composite company was a nightmare! Switching to Lumatic made everything easier.

Mike K.


We use Lumatic a LOT. The headshots look great, and their Composites are high quality.

Sarah L.

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