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We capture the best side of greek life





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Our archival composites honor the tradition of your house. Our innovative process makes them more fun than ever!

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We capture all of your events! From Philanthropies and Formals to Parent’s weekends and Alumni Events we cover it all!

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Our platform hosts the whole Lumatic experience. Shoot booking, photo review, and image delivery. All of your memories, forever at your fingertips.

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Lumatic has changed the way that we plan our PR and alumni relations. Having top-notch photos at our events has unlocked potential in all of our marketing efforts. Plus, the photos are just fun to have!
— Michael



choosing the right package

The perfect solution for every chapter

Greek life is about getting the most out of college. From friendship to philanthropy, every chapter has a lot to showcase. In the past your chapter may have struggled to capture all of the elements that make it unique. But now, with Lumatic, you are able to capture the essence of what makes your chapter unique!

Designed as a one-stop-shop, our photo packages are flexible and designed to perfectly combine all that Lumatic has to offer. From the largest chapter to the smallest, our various package levels ensure that we find the perfect fit for your chapter’s needs.


Capturing the Greek Lifestyle

Shoots for every single event

Imagine pro photography at your philanthropy events, parents weekends, dances, scholarship banquets, and more.

With Lumatic you can rest assured that every single one of your events has top-notch imagery that reflects your house in just the right light. The photos we capture are edited by our in-house team and then sent for review by you team.

Once they are posted, you and all of your members are able to log on the platform to view and interact with the photos. Use them for anything you’d like; alumni relations, recruitment, or anything else!



Who knew composites could be this easy?!

Scheduling, shooting, and managing your composite shoot will leave you wondering how you ever got by before Lumatic.

After working with you to schedule the shoot, we photograph every member in a casual time slot. Members then immediately review their image to approve it or take another. Once everyone is completely satisfied and the shoot is over, we start the edit process. With perfectly edited images, we build the final composite to match the styling of your previous years’ composites. Delivered to you ready-to-hang, your fully archival composite will fit perfectly on the walls of your chapter house.

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All of your memories, forever at your fingertips.

To bring it all together, we have built the world’s first comprehensive greek photo archive. Part greek yearbook, part collegiate photo bank, this is your visual portal to all things happening in greek life on your campus.  After every shoot, we post your photos to the Lumatic site where you and your friends can log on to personal accounts to view, share, and interact with all of your campus’ photos.

Personalized just for you: Lumatic features all of the imagery that you care about.
Private: You are in control of what you share with the outside world.
Archived: The photos that we take will be accessible to you now and always.

The Lumatic platform is the best thing to happen to greek life in decades. Greek historians need to look no further to connect active members and alumni with their favorite memories.

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We are a group of passionate visual artists who love to work with all that greek life has to offer. From philanthropy to fraternity, we know that campuses everywhere benefit from the greek community. 

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Giving back is one of the formative pillars of the greek community. At Lumatic, we hold philanthropic efforts in high esteem and we try to give back directly to the communities in which we work.

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Our platform is fundamentally disrupting the Greek imagery market. We are capturing a wholistic view of Greek life and making it easier than ever to share the positive story of our community.

 What are you waiting for?!